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Own Brand Ink & Toner Shop

Viking Ink and Toner is the right choice for your business!

We’re convinced that you can make significant savings when you buy your ink and toner cartridges from Viking. We can supply all the ink and toner brands you know and trust – and with superfast delivery, direct to your door. All our branded and own brand ink and toner cartridges are supported by our commitment to quality and cost.

Why Compatible Cartridges?

Common sense for your printer
  • 2-year product warranty
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Direct replacement for the original product
Common sense for your pocket
  • Best value for your money!
  • Cost less than the best-selling original equipment manufacturers (OEM) equivalent.
  • Filled with the same amount of ink and toner as the original capacity cartridge
Common sense for the planet
  • Zero landfill policy.
  • Save 1.36 kilos of plastic and metal waste.
  • Viking sends recycled cartridges for remanufacturing or are offered an end of life solution


Compatible Ink Cartridges

Compatible Toner Cartridges

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's a compatible cartridge?

    Compatible, or remanufactured, cartridges have been reprocessed from an original equipment manufacturers (OEM) empty core. The process differs depending on who's making the compatible cartridge and what materials they're using, so you'll be pleased to know our cartridges are produced to stringent quality control standards using lab-tested components. We're out to ensure absolutely consistent OEM-equivalent performance.

  • What should I do if my cartridge isn't printing correctly?

    In the unlikely event that your cartridge is not printing to your satisfaction, there may be a blockage on the print nozzles caused either by dried ink particles or an air lock. This problem can easily be remedied by carrying out a simple manual cleaning procedure:

    1. Take a cotton bud and dampen with some warm water. Then gently wipe around the area of the print head at the base of the cartridge.
    2. Dab the print head onto a clean absorbent paper kitchen towel until the ink begins to filter through. The following should then be visible on the kitchen towel:
      COLOUR CARTRIDGE - 3 distinct oval or round shapes should be seen coloured cyan, magenta and yellow
      BLACK CARTRIDGE - a full black oval shape
    3. Take a clean, dry paper kitchen towel and gently wipe the copper contact points at the back of the cartridge and the contacts inside the printer cartridge carrier.
    4. Install the cartridge into the printer.
    5. Run a cleaning cycle on your printer.
  • What should I do if an error message appears on my screen?

    In the event that your printer does not accept the new cartridge, a "pop up" screen is likely to appear on your PC or a light(s) might flash on your printer:

    It is likely that something is interfering with the information that is being sent to the cartridge by the printer. A simple re-setting process can be followed to remedy the problem:

    1. Take a clean, dry paper kitchen towel and gently wipe the copper contact points at the back of the cartridge and the contacts inside the printer cartridge carriage to ensure that the electronic contacts are not hindered.
    2. Install the cartridge into the printer.
    3. Unplug the printer from the power supply for approximately 1 minute to clear its memory.
    4. Reconnect the printer to the power supply.
    5. Run a cleaning cycle on your printer to ensure correct alignment for optimum print quality.
  • What's the process?

    First, empty cartridges are disassembled and inspected, and key components are replaced when necessary. Since wear and tear of the OPC (Organic Photo Conductor) affects final print quality, we only use new drums in our cartridges to ensure OEM-equivalent results.

    After being filled with premium toner powder, 100% of our cartridges are tested on the production line prior to packaging. Our cartridges are then sealed and inserted into a static-resistant bag to ensure they arrive to you free from leaks and ready to install.

    Finally, all worn out toner parts and used packaging material are recycled.

  • Is a compatible cartridge inferior to a new one?

    There should be no difference, either in print quality or page yield. Our compatible cartridges only contain high-quality raw materials, and we work with an independent organization to certify our products under ISO 19752 and ISO 19798 standards for page yield testing.

  • What if I experience a print quality issue?

    If a cartridge doesn't meet your expectations, tell us. Notify a customer service representative and return the cartridge and a page sample showing the print quality problem in the box it came in. We'll evaluate it and see about a replacement.

  • Will using compatible toner cartridges invalidate my equipment warranty?

    Don't worry, the law prohibits manufacturers from voiding their warranty obligations on the grounds that a consumer didn't use the original manufacturer's replacement cartridge.

    Additionally, in the event of any damage to the printer caused by the use of our product, Viking will pay the reasonable cost of repair, provided that the cartridge and damaged/replaced parts are returned along with a technician's report. Please speak with our customer service representative for more details.

  • So why don't more people recycle?

    Basically, not everyone knows compatible cartridges can perform as well as an OEM. The office products remanufacturing industry has been in existence for around 15 years now and huge advancements have been made in improving the technology involved in producing compatible cartridges. Now, with the added focus on green public procurement, more and more users are realising they're not just meeting their corporate social responsibility agenda with compatible cartridges, they're actually getting extra value for money too.

  • Am I really helping the environment by using compatible?

    Yes! An estimated 100 million laser printer cartridges are produced every year, and each discarded cartridge adds approximately 1.36 kilos of unnecessary waste to our landfills. Re-engineering this waste into compatible cartridges saves an estimated 113,000 cubic meters of landfill space. Viking understands the importance of protecting the earth's natural resources, and we are proud to offer you products that meet international standards of environmental management.

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