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An army marches on its stomach, and an office is no different. If you want your workforce to work efficiently and effectively, then you need to make sure they are fed and watered properly. That means providing proper break out spaces or a canteen where they can get food, snacks and drinks. It’s incredible how much more productive staff who have regular and timely breaks can be. A cup of tea and some bonding with colleagues a couple of times a day can keep morale high and team spirit working in your favour. Provide hot drinks facilities either with a dispensing machine or kettle and teapot, and encourage staff to take some time away from their desk. It really does boost productivity. Having a canteen or break out space where you serve food and drinks, sell snacks, sweets and other little treats is also great for hospitality. When you have visitors to the workplace, you need to be able to offer them refreshments and make sure they are comfortable. With top catering facilities and supplies from the Viking range, you can make sure all your staff and visitors are well looked after and comfortable. From tea, coffee and biscuits to more comprehensive catering, it all helps to keep people happy. Running a kitchen for your staff or if you are operating a fully functional careering facility, keeping the cleanliness levels high is of the upmost importance for staff, customers and hygiene inspectors. In the Viking online store we can offer a full assortment of cleaning products and accessories including detergents, dishwasher tablets and disposable paper towels,we have the top brand available inconvenient pack sizes and delivered quickly and hassle free. In the Viking online shop we have a comprehensive range of cleaning sprays and liquids which all have specific purposes that will ensure the area is sanitised and cleaned. Cleaning glass surfaces and windows to clear and streak free can sometimes prove difficult to do but with our assortment of trigger sprays you will cut through tough grime and leave your windows sparkling clean. You will also find in the online store a selection of multi-surface fragranced cleaning sprays and wipes that are suitable for work tops, cooker hobs and floors, leaving them immaculate and hygienic ready for any inspection. Keeping the costs down on cleaning essentials like paper disposables is crucial to every business to maximise the allocated budget. You will find in the online store a of exclusive range of Viking and office depot banded hand towels, kitchen rolls and centre pull rolls that are the same quality as the top names but at a smaller price helping your money go further, if you need a dispenser for your cleaning papers we have a wide range that will accommodate most brands of disposable towels. Cleaning the dishes is a chore nobody enjoys doing but with our range of washing up liquids, dish clothes and scourer sponges they will help you cut through greasy dishes and clean mugs with the toughest coffee stains. If you have a kitchen that has a dishwasher we have a comprehensive range of consumable supplies including dishwasher tablets, salts and cleaning fluid that will give you outstanding cleaning results and help keep your machine well maintained. You may be surprised to see that Viking also stocks various branded washing powders and capsules in big values packs ideal if your washing machine is constantly on the go cleaning linen, uniforms or overalls, these detergents will remove the deepest ground in dirt and leave your clothes smelling fresh.

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